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Big Data Live Center of
You can have all the required key indexes for sales management here! Contact us right now, IEM ORP will help increase your sales efficiency.
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Outlet SKU Floating Index 

It is a critical measuring criterion that reflects the product popularity in the retail stores. By all means, manufacturers or distributors should make sure a higher increment percentage of merchandise SKU.
Coverage Area of the Day
Outlet Visits of the Day
Turnover of the Day
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IEM Outer Resource Planning

is not a management system but an effective solution,

which can contribute to sales management。

By means of the evaluation of standard business operation process, the behavior of staff is digitalized, thus eliminating any ambiguous expression, and let data explains everything.
Based on real data collection, wipe out any act of fraud and implement the sales strategy made by the company, making the staff feel the incentive effect of performance review.
Through the advocate of platform scoring system and targeted problem-solving, good experience will be carried forward within the organization, and the executive structure as well as efficiency of the company optimized, which maximizes the value of managers.
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IEM is devoted to becoming the profit partner of enterprise decision
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【快消波士堂】第十二集:做一个行胜于言的好老板– 留在嘴边的叫空想,做出来才是传奇

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